This TIL is a bit unusual than the rest. It's the first one with tag gamedev. Now, I'm not a game developer. In fact, for a long time I stayed as far as I can from game development. Mostly because I didn't know much about it (still know little), but also I never wanted to work with such languages as C and C++ which dominates this industry. For my, using those languages is like ice skating with a chain saw.

The reason I'm looking into gamedev know is Rust. Actually it's not the first door Rust opened in front of me, but that deserves its own blog post.

Enough of this long intro. Today I learned basic controls of rx. It's a pixel art editor with modularity and Vim like navigation in mind. It's implemented in Rust and I find it very intuitive (probably because I'm using Vim anywhere I can). I know nothing about pixel art, but I'm slowly approaching the point of implementing my own game with Rust. I'll probably use Bevy game engine, because it's so easy and pleasant to work with.